„Outstanding designs, perfect details, the most mature and technically well-thought-out collection. As usual, feminine and spectacular. Applications made from hand-torn silk and cashmere are the only decoration of the clothes. The designer’s idea is clear: it is the geometrical construction that constitutes the biggest adornment of this collection. Of course, apart from the fabrics, which are the apples in the eye of Dawid Woliński.”

Quote – Elle, April 2009
“If there exist a definition of luxury, it is certainly known to Dawid Woliński”
Quote – InStyle, March 2009-04-06
Dawid Woliński
Dawid Wolinski’s interest in fashion developed successively in an art school, the Fine Arts Academy in Łódź and at the School of Clothing and Film Costume Design in Warsaw, Poland.
He showed his first collection in October 2003 and was quickly ranked as one of the most talented Polish fashion designers .
His name brings the connotations of luxury, elegance and perfect workmanship.
He chooses style which underline the silhouette / accentuate the figure and the women he design clothes for love classical elegance.
Complex constructions, best fabrics and a perfectionist finishing are the synonym of creations by Dawid Woliński.
His Sprin – Summer 2005 collection, presented at the Fashion Week in Lisbon in November 2004, won the hearts of international media. After the show, Woliński was approached by famous stylists from France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy.
His dresses soon appeared on the covers of Portuguese and German Elle Magazine.
Woliński’s creations are most often used for the covers of magazines and photo sessions for Polish fashion and lifestyle magazines.
His customers outside of Poland include for example Paris Hilton, Dita Von Teese, Michelle Rodriguez and Nicole Richie. His creations can be bought, among others, at Tracey Ross boutique and Maxfield in Los Angeles.
He designs clothes for Polish Celebrities of both the small and the big screen.

January 15, 2008:
At the premiere of the movie “Breaking BAD” in Los Angeles, Dita Von Teese appeared in a dress from Dawid Woliński’s newest collection.

November 24, 2007:
Dawid Woliński, Gosia Baczyńska and Maciej Zien, again took part in a fashion benefit show for childrens’ cancer treatment. The fashion helped raise money for kids with cancer.

November 19, 2007:
Dawid Wolinski’s newest collection is shown at the Prymasowski Palace. The show is an exclusive and closed affair; close frends, business associates Dawid Wolinski’s, clients and select members of the media attends.